Most Common Errors and Their Fixes

Emus4U errors and fixes

White/Blank Screen Error

Sometimes out of nowhere, your phone screen can go blank or white, this is quite common and most irritating errors of all time, but luckily it is one of the easiest errors to fix immediately. Follow the instructions below to fix the error.

  • Go to the settings on your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod.
  • Scroll down and locate Safari section.
  • Choose Clear and Tap “clear ” to delete the Website Data (This includes all browser history and cached data).
  • Now Your screen will turn into normal mode again.

Profile installation failed. Couldn’t communicate with the helper application

This happens when the source of the Emus4U has become an unidentifiable source (unknown source) to the device. This is also one of the very common errors that occur when a third party app runs on your device. It can happen if the certificate given to Emus4U got revoked by Apple. Follow the steps given below to fix the error.

  • uninstall the app and reinstall it. you can download latest Emus4U installation file from our download page.
  • Go to settings > scroll down to locate general > device management 
  • Tap on Install (the top right corner)
  • Tap Install again (pop up window)
  • Wait for the successful installation to be over.
  • Now your reinstalled app must be working properly.

Invalid Argument Supplied

  • You have to uninstall app. (Emus4U.ipa)
  • Reinstall it. If you don’t have the latest setup, download here.
  • Restart your phone to get the faster functioning ability.
  • Now go to reinstalled Emus4U and open it.
  • Go to settings check whether there are any latest updates available or not.
  • Tap and Install the latest updates available.
  • The main reason behind this error is delaying the installation of existing latest updates.
  • Make sure when you are notified about an update, update your app without delay.

Profile Installation Failed Error

It has become one of the major and most frequent errors that users face during the installation process of Emus4U app.

  • Method 01: Overloaded servers cause this error. The highly intense traffic on the servers can be avoided by delaying the installation process by a few hours but sometimes this might not be the fix for this error.
  • Method 02:.Clearing cache and browsing history of your device can solve fix this error.
    • Turn on the airplane mode before clearing the browser history and cache.
    • Go to settings, locate the Safari browser
    • Tap on the ” clear the history and website data”
    • Tap again on the clear history and website data when prompted
    • This will clear all cache and history of your device.
    • Try installing the app again.

Untrusted Developer Error

Unknown developer or when developer can’t be verified can cause this error to occur.The error message will be popped up the second after you tap on the icon.the name of the developer on the message should be noted.

  • Open Settings > General > Profiles> the developer name> Trust.Once it is done, try again to check whether the error is fixed or not.

Update CMP

Clearing website data may help to resolve this 

  • Go to settings >Safari >clear website data >tap and confirm clear
  • And Restart your phone

Errors mentioned above are the commonly seen errors among the Emus4U user community and many errors can be easily fixed.

You can find out more information, how to guide and latest download setups in our home page.

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